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Sisterhood is Bawse

Sister Hood

It’s a place, really. It’s in our hearts. It’s got a look to it. That kind of half smile we do as we look into each other’s eyes and see to each other’s souls.

Sisters have this thing where we kind of know a little more about each other than we’re supposed to. We’ve got an extra set of senses. We got it from our granny. It’s that “old church mother” spirit. It’s been passed down thru our lineage. Sisterhood is in our blood.


I spent the weekend in Las Vegas Nevada with a group of about 300 women for a retreat created by owner of The Mane Choice, Courtney Adeleye. I was invited to share in song and yoga. I was enveloped in the heritage that is who I am. Sisterhood. The immaculate conception of American obstacle met with black resillience and the grace of Christ. Sisterhood.


A shout out to all the sisters who have walked up to me to tell me that I’m just like them. It comes as a surprise to many. I’m just as interested in the look in their eyes as they are in mine. I want to tell them they’re beautiful the same way they want to tell me. I want to know their name, the same way they want to know mine.

It’s a hood y’all. A place in our hearts. We all share it. We’re not alone.

When you’re in the Sisterhood, you’ve got this way of cheering each other on. The world doesn’t talk about it, but when we get together the camaraderie is palpable. You can cut it with a knife it’s so thick. Have you ever felt it? It’s Bawse. The atmosphere of love in a room full of sisters is like walking down the aisle on a Sunday after a sermon. We have this energy that makes you feel like you’re being rubbed on the back by an intercessor at the end of service.

It’s hard to go back to your normal life after an encounter with sisterhood. You’re reborn. Ready to change your color palette, sharpen your focus, rewrite your vision. Stick to your goals. Prioritize. Set new standards.  Girl! Eat healthier! Do more yoga! (Wink, wink.)

Well, if you haven’t been around a sisterhood, I pray you find one soon. This weekend, I was surrounded by one at an epic Vegas event called “Who’s The Bawse” by Courtney Adeleye. Hundreds of the most beautiful, elegant, well spoken, encouraging, invigorated, cheerful, focused and fun women. All ready to lay down their egos and fears at the altar and be baptized in the grace of sisterhood.


I was able to share in song and laughter. I was able to give the yoga and meditation practice. It was an honor to empower, love and reciprocate. I’m so in love with sisterhood. It is my heart above all else. It’s what God has given me to hold close and I honor it.  

I’m a fan. I’m a fan of the hood we own. I’m a fan of the love we give and girlfriend, I love you right back.

Major thanks to Courtney Adeleye. The lovely visionary that created an atmosphere for us all to meet, mingle and empower. Sisterhood is necessary. It is fierce and it’s the standard. Like our sister Lauren believes, “Let’s Make Sisterhood Normal!”.  Let’s keep loving each other and pointing out the “Bawses” amongst us. We are epic. We are loving. We are giving. We are friendly. We are spiritual. We are sisterhood and SISTERHOOD IS BAWSE! 

I love you so!

Chrisette Michele

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