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Love's The Point ...a spoken blog

Love is the point of it all: Take a listen to this “spoken blog” by clicking the button below. Tell me what & who you love in the comments section, after listening.

There’s nothing more important in this world then loving each other.

Money is a temporary thing that works its way into our lives. It pays for the necessities in life, like food, water, shelter, even medicine. But once those things are paid for, and we’ve seasoned them with a little Lawry’s or Adobo, isn’t the next most important thing besides physical well being, human beings?

What’s on the list of our priorities? I’m asking because, just recently, someone who loves me dearly felt “less than” because they didn't have “enough money”. They thought that having money for “the finer things” would be all they needed to make others happy.

I told them they were forgetting about the sunshine. They weren’t tasting the fullness of their morning grits. I said they were missing the feeling of full lungs when they breathe in. I said, have they laughed with Kevin Hart or listened to a Will Smith You Tube video.

People are what make this world such a beautiful place. Nature and taste-buds and sight. Walking and exercise. laughter and the colors changing on the autumn leaves.

Wake up your senses today. Notice each other. Be glad to see someone you just saw. They are just as sacred as the first time you smiled at them. Inhale deeply. The baby’s neck smells good. The cajun spice smells good. That scent that pops out of a bag of Dorito’s when you first open it. The creaminess of a block of cheese between white bread, grilled on margarine.

I have cocoa-balls from a supermarket in the Caribbean. I may not be able to afford a Caribbean vacation every week, but I can boil hot water, add a cocoa and fresh cinnamon ball and maybe a little cream. It brings back the sound of fresh waves, hot sun and the white teeth of the lady who sold me a $20 dollar beaded necklace on the sand.

Experience the day today. Work is hard. I know it. We sweat, we over think, we present, we deliver, we dig, we sell, we teach, we fix, we clean, we travel, we rise early, we cook, we take deep breaths and we do it again. But, find those moments. Take them. You owe it to yourself to laugh, to see, to experience and most of all to love.

Who do you love? Can they tell?

What do you love? Does anyone know it?

Live a little.



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