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Putcha Phone Down Sis!

How much money, laughter or peace did holding your phone add to your life today?

How much closer are you to walking out your calling then your were yesterday? 

How much money, laughter or peace could you have found with your gaze, ears and fingertips in other places?

Put this thing DOWN sis! I’m telling you as an entrepreneur. The property of your intellect is VALUABLE. If you aren’t being added to, you’re being subtracted from! I believe that.

I’m telling you as a practitioner of mindfulness and inner alignment. Your cause doesn’t match every cause you see. Your heart doesn’t truly connect to everything you hear. You must learn to cover and protect your inner man. Protect your growing ideas and even the parts of you that are developing prosperity, change and help.


Daily there should be additions to your joy, additions to your peace, and additions to your BANK! The world is busy. We all want to chip in and do our part. We’re petrified to miss our calling. We don’t find our calling by worrying about missing it. We find it, by living. It comes naturally with much attention to daily details and personal clarity. Check out the 5 reasons I implore a phone fast for at least an hour daily. 


Here are 5 reasons that I put my phone out of site for at least an hour a day... not including bed time. 

  1. You don’t own me - Sometimes we need to allow ourselves to have true privacy. A part of privacy is making decisions without interference. Simple decisions like when to take a bath, what to eat for breakfast and how to comb our hair. How much of our daily lives is ruled by what someone else thinks, what text we missed, what someone else posts? We miss out on Devine decision making when we can’t enjoy our own true privacy. Don’t let the world own your day.
  2. I don’t need to know what everyone thinks all the time - What’s going on in the world around you? Your community issues. Your government and political issues. How are they affecting you individually? How often are you moved by what the masses claim their issues to be? How many issues do you take on that don’t belong to you? How much do you leave un-done for the sake of someone else’s cause? Know what you actually think. Take time to hear your own experiences and sit with them before you take on everyone else’s. Your cup should be full before you pour it out on the rest of the world.
  3. Everything I do doesn’t warrant a selfie - My love, you are beautiful indeed. Your sky is beautiful. Your made up bed is beautiful and so is your perfectly cooked egg sandwich. My question isn’t whether or not you know that. My question is, after you post what ever you post, how much do you enjoy what you posted with out going back to check and see what someone said about it? Posting comes with the cause of the anxiety around wondering what people’s response to your post is. Everyone wants acceptance. We all post to be heard, seen and felt. That’s a natural desire. No man is an island. We all need each other. The question is, how much of life are you missing out on, in order to be responded to. Enjoy your experiences for yourself sometimes. You deserve your alone time. Sit on your beautifully made up bed and meditate a moment. Truly taste the food that looks so beautiful. Lay under the sky for a few extra moments. Be Mindful and Present in your experiences. They are yours.
  4. I don’t need to know all the news every second of the day - I’m a news junkie. I read every book and I watch every interview but some days it’s ok to enjoy the world sitting right before you. I often take on the burdens of every story I watch. I feel activated and charged to do something about the girl in South Dakota, the boy in Maryland and the mother in South Africa. I’m an empath. Some hours of the day can be left without all of the noise and outcry. I know it may feel selfish in this crazy world, but give yourself sometime each day to write your own news. What are you going thru? What’s an issue in your life that needs healing, intervention or a miracle? Write in your daily diary and be the hero of your daily news. Come up with solutions for what you’re dealing with. The same muscle you use to come up with solutions for others, you can come up with solutions for you. You aren’t selfish. You are learning to serve from a place of completeness. Be complete.
  5. Jesus might wanna talk to me too - How ‘bout that? I often wonder how silent we can get our mind and how quiet we can get our spirit to hear from God. He speaks in a still, soft voice. If the phone is loud, why can you hear? If the posts are talking, how can you hear? If the memes are laugh out loud worthy, how can you tap in? Sometimes I get little inklings where being silent is mandatory or else I won’t get the download.

What I’m hoping you take away from this blog post, is that we must invite awareness and silence into our lives in order to hear the subtleties of what God is saying, see what He’s doing and respond to where He’s calling us.

There are so many causes, and groups and communities and cliques and they are each with their level of importance. I know the phone is the smallest device we own, but it connects you to millions.

It’s an electronic device but it radiates the thoughts and ideas of multi-millions. Put it out of your sight. Take it out of your hands. Putcha phone down sis. Hear yourself. Be yourself. Free yourself. If only for a moment. We’re all connected. That’s good. But we’ve gotta be connected to ourselves and our own spirit first.

Hey? Ever think about this? If you aren’t connected spiritually, you can’t even decide what you own and what belongs to you. You can’t decide what burdens to bear and which ones to lay down.

I wonder how much of the worlds anxiety and depression comes from the amount of access we have to burdens that don’t belong to us. 

I love you. Take a moment from this thing. Have a blessed day.



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