What's going on Rich Hipster Nation!

What's going on Rich Hipster Nation!

Rich Hipster has relaunched and she's so pretty! Simple and minimalistic is the vibe as we prepare to tour the world, relaunch the clothes, release a new album, introduce a few new artists and vlog & blog our LIVES AWAY!

The store will now feature simple links to the new clothing. MUSIC will take you right to the newest songs out on the label and of course the social media links are always poppin' with up to the minute Rich Hipster Squad Life!

Especially for those of you loving the new music, all my "Milestoners" can get your show tickets first AND purchase Epic Bundles which include super fun Milestone T's, VIP tix and more! Just click the TOURS tab!

As always, positivity rocks here at Rich Hipster! I hope to introduce you to a few new friends and a little bit of culture from all around the globe! You're always the first to know so stay tuned in and tell a friend to come experience the new Rich Hipster vibes!

So Much Love!

Chrisette Michele

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