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Win Like This! "3 winner tips for any life hurdle" 

Instagram @chrisettemichele

Instagram @chrisettemichele

 I'll be honest, I planned to post this the day after Hillary won. I was gonna post my new bathing suit pics from vacation and a tag line like "I'm with her!" Or "girl power". I'll tell the truth. I got a little discouraged and I spent the day in Barbados so stunned that I couldn't hold my breath long enough to dive with my babe and see the fish. I even checked to see if the sun rose the next morning... 👀 Anyways, I love my country and I love what it stands for and I'm a believer that God is great no matter the climate. I will be praying for our new president, and with more fervor than ever, I will encourage my sisters and girlfriends. We are strong. We are powerful. We are winners. So, here we go with my postponed post. "Win Like This!". May God continue to bless and keep us all. 

I have a lot to cover and a little time. Let's jump right in! 

1. It starts in your mind

 I was petrified to play Nina in a musical called Love Jones. What if Nia Long showed up in the Los Angeles audience. I'm petrified everytime I release a new single. Somebody's gonna hate it IMMENSELY. And God forbid, I fall in love and Instagram about it... Creating the energy I want around my decisions and the races I choose to run is paramount! I've gotta have a winners mind. Fear is human, overcoming it with the right mind set is the first step in winning. Here's an exercise to get your mind thinking in the right direction.

This one is the beginning because it takes the most work. There are steps to having a mental grasp on victory. I'm going to present an offering to you today, that I'll re-introduce in upcoming WLW's. I ask that you be open minded here and at the very least, give it a try. Ready?

 Get in your mind the hurdle that you're facing. Release the stress around that experience. See the stress, don't judge it, just allow it to be its own entity. Don't own it. Don't control it, just release it. It doesn't have to be yours.

Now let's do an exercise to get your mind in a victorious state. C'mon. It's easy.

 Take a deep breath. In and out. Again. And once more.

Open up your hand and place it gently on your belly. Feel your knowing power. Feel the part of you that has a good feeling about your future. Get comfortable with your own touch. Breathe. In and out, hand on your belly.

Close your beautiful eyes and say these words, "I know who I am". Say it again, "I know who I am." See who you are, in the most loving, non-judgmental way. See who you are. See your vision of the greatest hurdle hopping victor. See your vision of you as a winner. Imagine the feeling. Imagine the thought in your mind as you hold the baton. Are you ten pounds lighter? Are you finishing up your degree? Did you get that job? Finally perfected your twist out? See your victory. Relax into it. Experience it. Hand on your belly. Breathing deeply. 

This is the feeling of a victorious mindset. I do this all the time.

2. Attach yourself to cheerleaders

Okay. This one isn't easy. Everyone doesn't have your winners mindset. Everyone doesn't understand your winner vision. How do you get cheerleaders and why?

Well let's start here. It's not egotistical to need cheering or encouragement. Everyone needs it. You've gotta be inspired to continue. Whether it's your favorite Instagram feed to inspire your weight loss journey or collecting home decor magazines to think your way thru finishing your house remodeling, you need motivation.

Runners have coaches. Singers have managers who wake them up every morning after 22 hour days. Even The President has advisors! (Too soon? I'm sorry.) The point is, being lonely on your journey is cool for an Instagram post quote but, you need cheerleaders.

How, you ask? Well it's actually easy!!! We live in the tech era!

 •Find online, and bookmark your favorite gurus in the area of your race! Check in with their posts daily. For me, my new blogging journey is encouraged by Claire Marshall & Shameless Maya to name a few! Find your inspo!

•Join groups online with similar interests. Go to FaceBook and search for folks who love what you love and wanna win too! That's one of the easiest ways to network and make new friends in your area of interest.

•Find a coach or a class online. There are so many amazing coaches who can thrust you into your destiny for a small fee. People like Stacia Pierce, or Courtney Sanders or even the new school I'm starting "Rich Hipster University". Maybe there's a mentorship program at your church. Coaches and mentors are one of the best ways to keep your head and your emotions in the game. 

 Outside of the digital space there are community groups, networking events and cool apps like "meet up" where you can find cool things to do in your interest area just by downloading the app. (I've got it on my phone too!)

 3. Play again!!!

This is the biggest and most important tip! So what you tried it before! So what you've already put yourself out there?

Made some mistakes? Obviously!!! Let's visit that. Mistakes. Write them down. Write them and figure out ways to do better. Less carbs? Eco gel, not a good idea for your twist out? Should have known more about the company you interviewed for? What got in the way of your victory last time? It's ok to change your approach. Don't be proud. Don't let your ego interfere. Change. Get better. Increase in discipline. Face your mistakes. Research better options. Try again. Try again. 

Wait a minute. Are you already tired thinking about all of this? Calm down. Think about your goal again. See yourself victorious. Why on Earth is victory such a bad idea? Did someone say you couldn't? Did you get hurt the 1st time? Does someone you love keep challenging you? Think about this. Face this. Be honest.

What's wrong with you being a winner? Think about it... And release it. Release the ideas that don't support your dream. Release those discouraging speeches and worries from others. Not angrily. Not with judgement. Just with deep loving breath. In and out. Those defeating ideas don't belong to you.

It's a great advantage to try again. You've been through it and you know what to expect. That's a good thing. My advice in winning is to try again. Yup!

How many singles I've released that didn't make it to radio. Yet I've had a number one on the billboard charts, top ten R&B songs and more! I had to take a look at my losing patterns. I had to see what notes people like. What tempo wins at radio. What subjects people wanted to hear. For a time I decided not to worry about radio. The race was tiring and it felt unfair. I've felt defeated. I've felt insecure. I've felt too small. But when I came to my senses I had to remember that winners mind, attach myself to cheerleaders, erase and re-vamp from my mistakes experience and try again. No one can tell me I don't belong. No one can make me uncomfortable about my past. It's MINE to learn from! Your journey is yours to learn and grow from. You were strong enough to make it thru the 1st time. (2nd, 3rd, whatever). Let's re-write the race strategy and run again. 

These three tips aren't easy. I'm fully aware of that, but if you've gotten this far in reading this, you've got some tenacity and you're looking for victory. Be encouraged today. Know that you can do anything you put your mind to, your surroundings to, your plans to. I'm touching and agreeing with you right now! Step up to the plate and hit that ball into the crowd! 

Got it? Ok. Let's do this!

Talk to me in the comment section. Which of these tips speak to you the most? What are you excited to try and what's your goal?

 This is a judgment free zone. No fear posting  here. It's all love. You know me... I write back ❤️

Be free today. I can't wait to hear about your next big win! Love you endlessly!





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