Monday Morning Mantra | "I Have The Spirit Of Forgiveness"



I have the spirit of forgiveness 



Since when is friendship a bad thing? I hear everyday "I don't need no friends" or ... "I don't get along with females".

Ok girl. Thanksgiving is coming up and god-forbid you have to spend it with out the ones you love. Friendship is a valued treasure and giving someone the title friend only increases your capacity to love.

Here's the trick with friendship. You ready? Don't expect so much. Yes people should be kind, they should be gracious, they shouldn't try to steal your boyfriend. I know. That's common sense stuff. But asking you for a $5 and forgetting to give it back or putting a ketchup stain on your favorite T shirt that she borrowed? Girl? Let that thang go!

We expect people to be God or perfect and when they aren't, we do away with them like the plague.

Harbor forgiveness. Hold it in your left hand and give it away freely. It frees you from the transgression and it gives someone a safe place to be loved. Yes my love. You are someone's safe place. You are where someone can go to be hidden when there truth is free and as they become comfortable growing, they'll make mistakes. You get the task of forgiving them. They'll learn to walk on their own but if they can't figure life out with a friend, they'll be alone, falling with no hand to hold. You're friends are growing humans.

Now, of course we all have "non-negotiables".  If she treats your son funny. Bye. If she sets your house on fire. Bye. Make a list and stick to that. I understand but giiiiiiirl, let me tell you about a couple of my besties... And I have given myself the privilege of having more than one. 

Ashleigh... You guys know her. We were on TV together and she sang back-up for me for years before she got an incredible record deal and released her own album "Sunkissed". We have CRIED in fights back stage and hugged and kissed and made up and gotten manicures later. And how about Shenelle, you know the girl who has been doing my makeup since I started touring, married my cousin (road manager) and had two babies? Her. We've cursed each other out and I even missed being a bridesmaid in her wedding after flying to Mexico and turning down two shows to be there! We didn't speak for a year! To this day, there is NOTHING I wouldn't do for her. She is loved and I am too. We're both beautiful nut-cases and so is everyone else. We make mistakes, but with the power of love and forgiveness we are able to settle our pasts and enjoy our future.

My life is fuller because of it. I get to hug her babies when I see her. Ashleigh and I text each other love letters all the time and a myriad of other girls I adore are apart of how I'm able to let my hair down. Melissa, Ava "Mitch", Dee Dee, my cousin Chrisette, Rasheema and even the new ladies I'm getting to know on tour right now and guess what, they ALL make mistakes!

Take the chance to open up your heart.  Allow the good times. The hugs, the kisses, the comfort, the talks and when things get rough, breathe, patch them up and try again. Have your "non-negotiables" and know your weakness but love a human. Un-conditionally, just how you'd like to be loved.

Don't be lonely. Your company is good but try learning a new perspective. Let that gaurd down and say, "I forgive you". It's an available option. It isn't always easy, but it's available if you're willing to love beyond your minds capacity. 

Did I touch a soft spot? Lets talk about it in the comment section, I bet we've all got a few things in common.

Now say it with me hunny, "I have the spirit of forgiveness". Touch that pretty heart of yours with your right hand and remind yourself of the beauty that lives inside of you. Go ahead. Warm your palms and touch your heart. Say it, "I have the spirit of forgiveness". Pray about it. It's there. And if it isn't, ask for it.


I love you guys!


Chrisette Michele


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