Monday Morning Mantra | "I'm Ok With My Cross"

I'm ok with my cross


Sometimes I am so focused on my dreams and my visions that I see myself there before I actually am. I am comparing my actual experience with the one that is in my dream. I'll complain about my current situation, because it isn't as good as what I strive for. The packaging on my album isn't leather bound. My Instagram feed isn't as sassy as my favorite blogger. My charity work isn't as big as other artists. I see greatness but I'm not as great as I want to be. So I complain.

God had to check me. Parts of that is haughty. I'm judging my circumstance instead of being grateful for the opportunity to grow. While it's honorable to strive for great success it's so important to understand growth, humility and most of all sacrifice. What hurts you deeply but calls you even deeper is your sacrifice. Your cross.

Pastor Jakes spoke a beautiful word on Sunday, and while I don't desire to wax "preacher-esque", I realize that sharing my heart with you is of my most treasured connections.

He spoke about bearing your current cross. In a world where success is emblazoned on the screen of every cell phone thru Instagram, Blog Sites, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and much more, it's hard to remember that our story is literally orchestrated by the sacrifices we are willing to bear. Every single great outcome, comes from many great challenges.

Today I challenge you, my love, to push thru the moments that feel so tough. I know you see the outcome on the other side. That's your faith. Keeping your eyes on the battle right below your feet and trudging your way thru it... That's your faith in action.

I'm okay with my cross. Where I am now isn't where I will be. But that doesn't make me any less valuable. That doesn't make my circumstance any less beautiful. I will honor the experience I am currently in. I will love and give and keep my chin up. I will learn the lessons that prepare me for what's next. I am still beautiful. I am still successful. You hear me? Believe this about yourself today, and with faith in action, also known as bearing your cross you will get to your mountain top.

I love you with all my heart. Outwork your circumstance, cheerfully, with grace and no judgement. God sees you and lifts the heavy burden.


Say it with me today, "I'm ok with my cross".


With love,


Chrisette Michele


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